How do I get and activate my license?

  1. Visit this page to buy a license key for Cerber Security Pro
  2. Take your license key here: My account / Licenses
  3. Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  4. Go to the WP Cerber / Tools plugin admin page. Click the License tab
  5. Enter your license key into the text field. Click the Save Changes button

Once you’ve clicked the button the license key will be verified by the Cerber Tech license server and you will see a green confirmation message under the text field. After the activation, the license key will be linked to the website. You can check the status of your license keys on the Licenses page.

If my license is expired, does the PRO version of the plugin stop working?

No. The plugin will continue to protect your website with the same level of protection as the free version does, but the professional support and updates will not be available. Read more: How subscriptions work.

I have multiple websites, can I use one license for all of them?

WP Cerber Security Pro licenses are valid on a per-install basis, meaning you need one for every WordPress instance you run. If you have three separate WordPress website, you will need three licenses in total — one for each site. However, if you have ten sites in a WordPress multisite instance, you need just one license for all ten sites.

I need several licenses, is a volume/bulk discount available?

Yep! The bulk discount will automatically be applied to your order depending on the number of license keys you want to buy.

Is there a developer license for unlimited installations?

We have no such a license mainly because we offer a cloud-based solution and each client website consumes paid server resources. Instead of an unlimited developer license we offer developers to become our partners. To become a partner please start here.

How can I move a license to another website?

You need to remove the key from a website and send a request to our support team to unlink the key from the site. You will be asked for the Site ID. Once the key will be unlinked, you can use it on another website.

Does cloud-based mean all web traffic is routed through the Cerber Tech servers?

No, it doesn’t. The PRO version of the plugin filters out malicious traffic locally on your web server. The plugin communicates with a closest Cerber Tech cloud server to receive updates for security rules, malicious IP addresses, country information and then uses this data to protect your website. None of the files on your website are uploaded to the cloud.

How do I know that Cerber Tech cloud is reliable?

We’ve developed an innovative fault-tolerant architecture and monitor our servers 24/7/365. Check out an independent, third-party status page: https://stats.uptimerobot.com/D9Z5QF0JN

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